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Y-plug for Moving Butterfly

Y-plug for our Moving Butterfly Gifts

$ 4.50

These can only be used with the OLD STYLE Butterflies where there are two parts to the butterflies. They CANNOT be used on the newest current ones we have listed.


The Y-plug is an excellent way to save precious outlet spots when using your OLD STYLE Moving Butterflies. When using a Y-plug, you can connect two butterflies together and only use one outlet. The cords on the butterflies are long enough that the butterflies don't have to sit right next to each other even if you use a Y-plug. The Y-plug connects to a butterfly cord at the end of the grey cord BEFORE you get to the adaptor cord portion. You have roughly 5 ft of cord to the left and 5 ft to the right of the Y-plug to place your butterflies which leaves lots of flexibility.

Moving butterflies have a 10 feet of total cord from butterfly to wall outlet.

  • 5 feet of really thin grey cord from the butterfly to the mid-point
  • 5 feet of thin black cord to the wall outlet

The Y-plug is not made in the USA.

Item# MB740

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