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Wooden Toy Pickup Truck and Gooseneck Horse Trailer

$ 136.40

An AMAZING toy for any child. If you are a horse fan or just love to play farm - this is the ultimate in a toy. Details are great; there are two opening doors, rear and side to unload your animals and the trailer hooks up to the pickup "5th wheel" style.

Make sure to check out our other Trailers too. The hitch on this Pickup Truck used in this SET, hauls other trailers like our CL4 Toy Livestock Trailer, CL37 Dump Wagon Trailer, CL7 Hay Wagon + more!

33" x 7" x 7" (that's almost 3 feet long!)

Great for animals up to 5" tall

Item# CL20

The 5th wheel connection is actually in the bed of the truck. While you can use the hitch for other trailers, please realize the inside of the truck bed, while usable, does have the "fifth wheel" inside the bed.

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