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CL45 Amish Wooden Toy Farm Hay Baler

Wooden Toy Farm Hay Baler

$ 53.40

13" x 7" x 4"

If you have a little farm hand at home who loves to "help" in the fields with the hay - this is a great addition to your farm set. It has a tongue that connects on our CL17 Tractor and a hitch to pull our Hay Wagon. Its detailed and made to work with our CL8 Hay Bales. Children just push the bales through the front and they'll come out the other side. 

Children under 3 may find a difficult time pushing through the Bales if their hand-eye coordination is not quite fluid enough yet.

Item# CL45

***This item is no longer available individually. It only available when it's listed as being included with a Gift Set.

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