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Wooden Toy A-Frame Horse Barn, Fence and Accessory GIFT SET

$ 192.00

Horse Farm pretend play at its best. Plenty of accessories in this Gift Set! Two types of fencing - and the Split Rail Fences can even be used for equestrian jumping too! Enjoy giving this Gift Set to a child and watch them play for hours, days and years. These are built to last.

Horses NOT included, but you can purchase those separately if you need some. Horses

Pls click on the links below for details about each individual product. Set includes:

Qty 1 - CL14 A-Frame Horse Barn

Qty 1 - CL13 Foldable Toy Fence

Qty 5 - CL55 Split Rail Fence

Qty 1 - CL112 Feed Trough

Qty 10 - CL8 Hay Bales

Qty 1 - CL28 Small Bucket

Qty 1 - CL29 Large Bucket

Qty 1 - CL9B Grain Bag - Will be selected from our choice of 6. We will always try to ship a "Horse" one first, but if they are sold out, we will select from the remaining types available.

Item# GS3

(Special Note: even if USPS Priority Mail displays for shipping, this item ONLY ships via UPS. We apologize for any confusion.)

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