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Wooden Cutout Chunky DINOSAUR Animals - Craft Toy

$ 6.00

Dinosaurs, Safari Animals and Farm Animals galore! Great to use with our Fences and Toys - gotta keep the animals from roaming at night. You don't need a Dinosaur sneaking up on you when you're sleeping!

You can leave them as is or decorate them to make them extra cool. Fun to keep in a fence or play in the barn - these new animals are sure to please! 

3/4" thick (they stand up on hard surface or in the toys with "floors"!)

T-Rex - 5.25" tall

Brachiosaurus - 4.75" tall

Stegosaurus - 5" tall

Triceratops - 4.375" tall

 Want these in puzzle cuts? Want a smaller size? We've got those too!

Tip: if you are buying a larger Stable or Barn, these 5.5" fit more to size. If you want "Mom/Dad and Babies" style, then also check out our 3.5" high animals. If you order a smaller toy the 3.5" size are better.

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