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Wooden Handmade Toy Horse Stable for 19-20" tall Horses

$ 132.40 $ 152.40

23.75" w x 28" d x 27.75" h

A wonderful durable stable for those big 19-20" horses. They've been standing out in the rain for years now, roaming the pastures and just hoping for a nice stable to sleep in. Well, its finally here! It is really large when put together so make sure you check out the dimensions and you realize how big and beautiful it will be in the end.  

Ships in panel sections. Final assembly instructions included. All you need is a screwdriver.

Don't need a stable QUITE THAT BIG, check out our other stables for smaller horses. We have most sizes!

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Item# CL80   (No horses included with Stable. Horse shown is for illustration purposes only and is 20" tall.)



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