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Moving BLUE MORPHO Butterfly

$ 24.80

The Blue Morpho Butterfly - shimmering blue on one side and brown tones on the under-side. It gracefully opens and closes its wings to the delight of kids, adults and anyone who spots it. Real-lifelike motion. Excellent for an office space, a plant, teacher's gift or anywhere you need a bit of nature.

Plugs into a standard US outlet.

Roughly 10 feet of total cord from butterfly to wall outlet. (These are now a little different from the original ones we used to sell. No longer are there two separate pieces. The Butterfly cord is all one piece, all the way to the outlet.)

    The short legs on the butterfly body are similar to floral wire to accommodate easy attachment to plants and other surfaces. No batteries needed. It is recommended that you leave your butterfly plugged in. Butterflies are manufactured in the USA. The adaptor part of the butterfly is not made in the USA. Manufacturer warranty for 1-year from date of purchase.

    ***Please note, as required by the manufacturer - if there are any issues with your Butterfly within the first year, it must be either returned to us for a refund OR exchanged directly with the manufacturer. We are not able to process an exchange. The manufacturer's contact information will be included with any Moving Butterfly purchase so you will have the information if needed. Thank you for understanding.


    Item# MB702

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