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Blue Half Pint BALL Mason Jar Marble Container

$ 5.00

Losing your marbles? Keep them somewhere safe and sound...but yet cool and interesting. There isn't anything better than a Ball Mason Jar for storing. While the glass jar and marbles are new, they have that old-fashioned feel when put together. Perfect for storing your marbles for our Marble Roller Toys.

Each jar holds roughly 50 marbles. You can get just the jar as well, in case you already have marbles and need a storage container. You can also store an eraser collection in them!...or bugs...or paper clips...or candy...and the list goes on.

Includes a glass Regular Mouth Blue Half Pint Mason Jar, Sealing Lid and Ring...and 50 marbles (if you select that option).

3 7/8" tall. Made in USA.

Item# BM34

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