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Amish Wooden Toy Tractor, Hay Wagon, Grain/Hay Elevator and Hay GIFT SET

$ 126.40

Every little farmer's must have farming vehicles. Let your little one enjoy hours of play as they pull the Hay Wagon with the Tractor. The Hay Elevator can be pulled behind the Hay Wagon too!

Place the Elevator wherever you'd like to crank up your Hay Bales - whether to a Barn Loft or over a fence for the animals. Its a hand-crank so it works on hand coordination. Adjusts to different heights too!

The Tractor fits right through the double doors on our Hip Roof Barn too!

Pls click on the links below for details about each individual product. Set includes:

Qty 1 - CL17 Wooden Toy Tractor

Qty 1 - CL7 Wooden Toy Hay Wagon

Qty 1 - CL5 Hay (or Grain) Elevator

Qty 20 - CL8 Hay Bales

Item# GS6

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