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Shipping and FAQs

Q: How can I reduce my shipping costs?
A: Shipping costs went up again this year as many items are now shipped dimensional weight, not by what they actually weigh. Sometimes even we are amazed at how much some boxes cost to ship. If you want to reduce the shipping costs, ship to a commercial address such as a place of employment or even your friend's office. If we are offering any free shipping deals, well...that's even better! If we do offer free shipping, shipping will be via our choice and will be slated as Economy shipping. If for any reason a faster service is cheaper, we will always pick that over Economy...stranger things have happened!
Q: Do Gift Cards count towards my shipping order total to receive free shipping?
A: If we happen to be running a free shipping promotion any Gift Card purchases do not count towards the total of your order to obtain the designated amount to receive free shipping. Free shipping only applies to your "product" total.
Q: Why did we select the old-fashioned wooden toys to sell?
A: As parents, we are not keen on the loud, obnoxious, battery replacing toys which never seem to hold attention for long. We want our kids to experience the same type of fun we had growing up. We played with toys that didn't make any noise unless we made it, they didn't talk back to us, they made us think, dream and imagine. We believe these toys will encourage our children to be better thinkers, develop their own ideas and inspire their imagination. Sound far-fetched? Maybe to some. But, not to us. We hope you'll give your kids (or grandkids, nieces and nephews) the chance to experience them.
Q: How fast do toys ship?
A: Toys will generally ship same day or next day, rarely is it 2-days, but sometimes it will occur under varied circumstances. Please remember that these toys are put together by hand, not a manufacturing line in a factory. They are made by an Amish Toymaker or local craftsmen who makes them by the "tens", not "thousands". These toys are very popular around the Holidays and sometimes delays in shipment do occur; however, if for any reason we cannot fulfill your order in time for the Holidays, you will be notified immediately. Or, if you need this urgently for a birthday or other special event, email us to give you comfort that you will get it in time. The Toymakers are busy, so please don't wait until the last minute to place your order. Help us insure we can get your toys to you. Though I'd swear they pull off many miracles around Christmas time.

Q: Do we have any policies?
A: Yes, we do. If for any reason the calculation of the shipping and goods is inaccurate or otherwise completely wacky, we reserve the right to correct the error and issue you a new (corrected) invoice. You can then decide if you prefer to cancel your order or continue with the corrected one. We don't anticipate this happening, but...just in case. This policy applies to all orders, whether taken by phone, email or online

Q: Will we ship to anywhere outside the continental U.S.?

Q: Can you call us to order?
A: Certainly. 662.275.8611. If we are away from our desks and packing orders, counting marbles (sometimes we lose our marbles), running through the meadow or otherwise detained, please leave a voicemail for us and we will contact you as soon as we are free.

Q: What is our Privacy Policy?
We don't share or sell your information in any way, shape or form. If you don't complete a purchase, you may receive an email from us encouraging you to complete your order, our system automatically generates those. Or, you may receive correspondence on your tracking information and things which pertain directly to your order or questions you've asked. We don't add you to any marketing lists, that's completely up to you - to subscribe and unsubscribe. Feel comfortable, no worries. We don't like spam either.