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Please contact us any time, day or night. Email us with your questions, dazzle us with your jokes or have your kids send us drawings of farm animals or our toys that they enjoy. (We might even post them with your permission.)

But, for now, just let us know how we can help. We try to respond as soon as possible, unless its the middle of the night since we will be sleeping then, but that's the great thing about the Web, it never goes to sleep! We will answer when the sun rises!

If you prefer to call, that's fine too but as mentioned on our Shipping and FAQs page... If we are away from our desks and packing orders, counting marbles (sometimes we lose our marbles), running through the meadow or otherwise detained, please leave a voicemail for us and we will return your call you as soon as we are free.

Send a message using the template below, it comes right to us!

Or, here is our direct contact information.
Summerfield, North Carolina