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Toy Stockyard Stable Corral with Stalls, Corrals, Gates and Ramp

$ 242.00

(see video below)

Detailed, lots of gates and corrals, ALMOST 3 FEET LONG, great for multiple children if you need something to share. Multiple corral areas with open-able chain gates, stalls, feed trough, haymow, haymow ladder and loading ramp. This is one of the most beautiful pieces made.

Our CL11 Toy Livestock Truck with Ramp is made to back right up to the ramp on this Stockyard! Lots of fencing available as well to complement this piece - best fit is our CL13 Toy Foldable Fence. Check out our Toy Gift Sets for Children Collection for the greatest savings.

You can also get this same item but WITHOUT a LOFT at one end. See our CL15 Toy Stockyard if you prefer to have one without a loft.

34" x 22" x 15" (Ships completely assembled.)

Great for animals up to 5" tall

Larger Animals can fit in the open areas, but will not fit in the corrals or stalls. 5" tall or smaller is best!

Item# CL1

(Special Note: even if USPS Priority Mail displays for shipping, this item ONLY ships via UPS. We apologize for any confusion.)


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