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Wooden Folding Fence for Farm Animals w Hay and Buckets GIFT SET

$ 23.40

An excellent Gift Set by itself or as a complement to most all of our toys. Durable and easy storage. Make a round corral or a square fenced in area to hold your animals. You can even use the ends of the fence as a swinging gate. Whether is farm animals or dinosaurs, this fencing is a great gift!

Pls click on the links below for details about each individual product. Set includes:

Qty 1 - CL13 Foldable Toy Fence

Qty 3 - CL8 Hay Bales

Qty 1 - CL28 Small Bucket

Qty 1 - CL29 Large Bucket

Item# GS4

Make sure to check out all the GIFT SETs being added. They are selected to provide a wide variety of options depending on your needs.

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