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Amish Wooden Toy Barn for Pretend Play - Large Hip Roof

$ 237.40

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This Wood Toy Barn is huge! It has a corral, feed trough, haymow, stalls and opening roof top for easy access to play with your horses, cows or any vehicles you've parked inside. Front and back double-doors, side-door and an opening in the haymow area to load hay bales directly into the top with our CL5 Toy Elevator (sold separately, but a recommended toy!). Lot of windows so the animals get daylight. Can't have them living in the dark can we?

If you'd like complementary pieces to accompany this Barn, you can see just a few below - or, check out our Toy Gift Sets for Children Collection for the greatest savings.

The Large Toy Barn also goes great with the majority of our Amish Toys - Toy Fences, Farm Toy Trucks and Trailers and more!

27" x 17" x 18" (Ships completely assembled.)

Double Door Opening on the Barn is: 7" x 7"

Item# CL22

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