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Seeing The World Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses is how I am referred to by many. At first, I was a little offended thinking it was a bad thing. But, as I thought about it more and more, they were right and I was fine. Viewing the world in a positive light (to me) is a way to pick out the good and expand on it.

Each day we have a choice - do we spew negativity and look at what went wrong and just hammer it home to the person who did it? Do we talk about the negativity constantly and breed more negativity? Do we make ourselves look and feel better because we think we are better than someone? Because we are different AND better? You could. But, boy does that suck. (Yes, I do mean that.) We've all been part of it at one time or another. But we can change our choices.

Each day we have a choice - to look at the bright side of everything. It doesn't mean you ignore the negativity or things that could be changed. Its just all in how you handle it, approach it and deal with it. If your child pokes a little hole in the wall with an object that they shouldn't have been swinging like a baseball bat...you have a choice. Scream, yell and make the child feel really crappy - or - take it as a learning experience. "I am not happy that you made a hole in the wall, but I guess this is an opportunity to teach you how to fix and patch a wall." The key here is to actually make the child participate and fix the wall. If you don't follow through - then it surely isn't the same. Consequences are important even with rose-colored glasses. (If you don't know how to fix the hole, teach your child to Google to find the answer. Google is truly a friend in our household.)

Each day we have a choice - to judge someone else that we think we know  - or - just try to understand that everyone's life is different and you have no idea what goes on behind close doors. You have no idea what that person has been through moments, days or weeks before. It doesn't mean it excuses their attitudes or actions, but it does mean you can look at them with compassion.

Each day we have a choice - fuel the fire of hatred, negativity and let it eat away at your soul - or - choose to find something good in what we see, do and how we act. Our children are watching us every day, every moment. Our choices could become their choices one day. Let's give them the chance to learn, grow and prosper in a positive way. Let's teach them to see through Rose-Colored Glasses and build upon the learning experiences that are good and bad.

We can't choose how anyone else reactions to situations...but we can control our own.

Photo by: Audrey Johnson

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