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Dreams are meant to be followed, not squashed like a bug.

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We all want what's best for our kids. We all think "we know" what's best for them.

But are we squashing their dreams like a bug? We step on it and then grind it up a bit and its no longer really a bug ('er dream)? Do we tell them what they should be? Its kind of like us wearing a size 8 shoe and our child wears a 10. We try to get them to fit in the shoe that isn't their hurts, nothing is comfortable, it wears on them and in the end...hurts the whole body.

Following your dreams can be a difficult journey. It can be scary, rewarding, uplifting and emotional all at the same time. But, not following them...and only wishing we had...can be even worse. How will you ever know you can succeed if you don't try. The same goes for our kids. We all want whats best for them and encouraging our kids to follow theirs can be even harder. It may not be what we would like them to do or be. But, it should be their dream, not ours.

The saying "If you don't follow your own dreams in life, then you're going to be following someone else's" is on a wall in our home, at the end of the stairs so our kids see if every time they come downstairs. The hope will stick.

It doesn't matter what the dream is, whether a leader, follower, barber, lawyer, stay-at-home parent, snowboarder, forester, bug-catcher, astronaut or other. Its wherever they flourish the most. They (and we) only have one life, we have to make the best of it and encourage your children to also. Only one shot. Let's not waste it. We are all worthy of trying to make our dreams come true, including our children.

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