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Jack's Joke Corner

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Today's Joke: Why did the fly land on the butter?

Answer: "It wanted to be a butterfly."

Today's Joke: What is a witch's favorite subject in school?

Answer: "Spelling."

Today's Joke: Who can shave 6 times a day and STILL have a beard?

Answer: "A barber."

Today's Joke: Why couldn't the teddy bear finish dinner?

Answer: "He was stuffed."

Today's Joke: What does a computer do when it feels hot? 

Answer: "It opens windows."

Previous Joke: What type of button can't you sew?

Answer: "A belly button."

Previous Joke: What type of pan cannot go in the oven?

Answer: "Peter Pan."

Previous Joke: Why didn't Cinderella make the basketball team?

Answer: "She ran away from the ball."

Previous Joke: What type of pictures do turtles like to take?

Answer: "Shell-fies"


Sometimes its the little things that are the most fun. In our neighborhood when the kids get off the bus to our cul-de-sac, each child tells a joke before they go their own way after school. Sometimes funny, sometimes we know them, but either way, its always a good time. Its something to look forward to every day. Jack is one of the children who really loves them so we've named this joke corner after him. It just fits!

So, with Jack's Joke Corner we will randomly post jokes and answers that our group tells throughout the week. Enjoy those moments with your kids and soon they will be asking you for a joke every day. Its a memory in the making!