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Horse Lovers Paradise


Welcome to a horse lovers paradise. A place to find a Toy Horse Stable, Folding Corral Fence, Wood Toy Barn, Stockyards and Horses. The coolest horse toys around can be yours; just check out our toys and decide which ones best suit your little ones needs. Since many kids have horses or prefer a specific kind; we may not have any horses in every price you see. If you'd like a horse or two, by all means just them order along with your toy.

However, SOME have extra goodies included just in case...see the RED print below! Also, see our Pickup Truck and Horse Trailers - they are fantastic!
Not only did we have made a stable for the bigger Breyer horses, but NOW we have a stable so big, it fits the American Girl Doll horses too! Quality, handcrafted and durable for the long haul. We've had it tested and hope you enjoy it as much as our "toy tester" have! It is currently the 4th item down on this page.






Other toys to complement the barn can be found in the drop down menu and you will save $ too when buying all together.


CL13 Foldable Fence


CL40 Horse Shelter


CL19 Corral Stockyard


 other Accessories!


A-Frame Horse Stable Barn

20" x 12" x 14"

Made for 5" tall Horses in the stall and corral areas.

Slightly Larger horses will fit in the open area in the center of the barn.


Wonderfully, sturdy built Wooden A-Frame Barn Toy - it has corral, stalls and openable chain gate. Horses can relax in the stalls or roam in the barn. Has a feed trough in case they get hungry along with a roof that opens and folds back at the hinge to let the animals get some sun.


Also has and has a hayloft (removable) for hay bale storage (or whatever else you'd like to store!). *Little boy, not included.


Option to include Accessories in the drop-down menu. SAVE!


Item# CL14





Other Options:



Front of Stable access height: 12"

Back of Stable height: 10 1/4"

Stall width: 10"

Depth: 10 1/2" to 11 3/4"

Gate height: 6"


LARGE Horse Stable

23" w x 15" d x 14 1/2" h

see specific stall dimensions under photos to see if this is a good fit for your horse

modeled after our Original CL25 Horse Stable


Finally, a high-quality handmade stable for all those Breyer Horses! Large stalls for room to move, beautifully done gates to keep the animals from escaping and running in the field. If your horse is happy with this new home...make sure to tell his friends (and yours)!


Includes FREE 2 Large Buckets


Item# CL25-L (for Large)







Other Options:


Front of Stable access height: 15 1/2"

Back of Stable height: 14"

Stall width: 12"

Depth: 12 1/2" to 14"

Gate height: 7 3/4"



EXTRA LARGE Horse Stable

27" x 17" x 18"













Stable for 19" tall Horses 

23 3/4" w x 28" d x 27 3/4" h 


A wonderful durable stable for those big horses. They've been standing out in the rain for years now, roaming the pastures and just hoping for a nice stable to sleep in. Well, its finally here! Its so big, we ship it PARTIALLY unassembled, but with easy, really, it is easy! It ships mostly in "panel" sections and all you need is a screwdriver.


Item# CL80




Wood Horse Corral Stockyard

16" x 12" x 4"

Great for animals up to 5" tall - they will fit in stalls

Slightly larger horses can fit in the open area.

Stalls and feed trough with openable chain gate. Great to carry along when you travel to the dentist office, the doctor or any place you need to keep your little one occupied! Great at the Grandparents house! *Little boy, not included.


Excellent by itself or complemented with fencing and Accessories. See the drop-down menu for saving!


Also great as an Accessory to a larger Barn or Stockyard.


Item# CL19






Ranch Stable
19" w x 11 1/2" deep x 11" high
Great for up to 4" animals

Great covered area for horses inside, but easy to let the animals out for a pasture turnout by unhooking the chain gate. Animals can "get their exercise" by playing with other horses and enjoying the fine weather. Afterwards, the horses can "drink" from their water bucket and "eat" a little hay.

Includes FREE 2 Small Buckets and 5 Hay Bales.

Item# CL67 Ranch Stable





Front of Stable access height: 9 3/4""

Back of Stable height: 7 1/4"

Stall width: 6 3/4"

Depth: 9 3/4"

Gate height: 3 3/4"

Need a LARGER Stable? See these new stables modeled after this one in a height comparison.



Horse Stable SET

19" x 14" x 12"

Used for Horses ranging from 5-7" high (best) or smaller


Gates open so the horses can go walking and "stretch" their legs. If you are a Breyer horse fan, the Classic Breyer horses do fit within the stable.


There are horses you can purchase for a discount by using the drop-down menu below. These are not Breyer Horses but just horses that fit well with the Stable if you are concerned about having the right size. Can't have an empty stable!


Includes 3 Hay Bales and a Small Bucket.


 Item# CL25



Click on thumbnails to see the fence folded
out during play. The other item shown is
listed below and  is Item# CL1.

ORIGINAL Wood Toy Foldable Fence

6' (long) x 4" high

Great, easy play toy. Compact storage. A simplistic wonderful toy that can be made into a fenced area for animals, parking lot for hot wheel cars (yes - Hot Wheels) or can be used to complement a barn or stable as a run area for animals.


Excellent toy - loved by everyone!

See FENCE SET OPTIONS below for SETS and discounts on buying multiple fences.


Item# CL13


Now in a LONG size too!

See Fences & Accessories page.




Wood Toy Fence

6' (long) x 3" high

Same as our wonderful ORIGINAL fence above in length ...but just a shy shorter in height for those smaller horses. Either is great, it just depends on your childs needs. See our photos to see if this fence fits your horses!


This fence is also great with our Ranch Stable and Mini Barn!


Item# CL26



Wooden Toy Folding Fence

11'8" long x 4" high

Same as our wonderful ORIGINAL fence above...but almost twice as long! Either is great, it just depends on your childs needs.


Item# CL13Long Click on the Options Box for more options



LARGER Wood Toy Fence / Corral Fence

For Larger Breyer Horses

For American Girl Doll Horses

Over 9 ft long x almost 7" high


Works just like the our original folding fence above but its twice as high and even longer to complement the larger horses. Folds up compact when stored like the one above.


Item# CL59





Stockyard with Loft - HUGE!

34" x 22" x 15"

Great for animals up to 5" tall

Multiple corral areas with openable chain gates, stalls, feed trough, haymow, haymow ladder and loading ramp.


This is one of the most beautiful pieces made. Detailed, lots of gates and corrals, ALMOST 3 FEET LONG, great for multiple children if you need something to share.


Item# CL1





Stockyard without Loft

34" x 22" x 4" (6" at ramp)

Great for animals up to 5" tall

Multiple corral areas with openable chain gates, stalls, feed trough and loading ramp.


Option to Include Add'l Accessories - just click on the drop-down menu for a SET that fits you.


Item# CL15


Horse Shelter / Run-In / Lean To

13" x 8" x 7"

Great for animals up to 5" tall

Simplistic, light-weight. Pretty self-explanatory really. Great for any animals or even grain bag and hay bale storage.


Includes FREE 3 Hay Bales.


Item# CL40


Pickup and Gooseneck Trailer

33" x 7" x 7"

Great for animals up to 5" tall

An AMAZING toy for any child. If you are a horse fan or just love to play farm - this is the ultimate in a toy. Details are great; there are two opening doors, rear and side to unload your animals and the trailer hooks up to the pickup "5th wheel" style. Almost 3 FEET LONG!


You can also choose to purchase a CL13 Wood Toy FenceCL4 Livestock Traileror even an add'l Wood Toy Pickup(see below on page) with this SET and SAVE $. See options below!


Option to include complementary items and accessories - see the drop-down menu!


Item# CL20



There is a SPECIAL with this Toy!

Click here.


Almost 30" long when connected!

Pickup and Horse Trailer

Pickup is 13" x 6" x 5"

Trailer is 15" long with hitch x 7" high x 8" wide

Great for animals up to 5" tall

Fantastic Pickup Truck and Trailer. Back door on Trailer opens up so you can walk in your horses and take them to the barn or to a horse show. Whatever the imagination can think of!


Also consider saving by buying add'l items such as our Wood Toy Fence, Livestock Trailer or even the Wood Toy Corral Stockyard - all will add another dimension to these wonderful Pretend Play Wood Toys.


Option to include add'l accessories, make sure to check out the drop-down menu.


Item# CL21




There is a SPECIAL with this Toy!

Click here.




(25" long w. Ramp extended)



Backs up GREAT to our CL1 Stockyard side ramp to unload and load cattle and horses!

Truck with Removable Ramp and Side Gates

17" x 7" x 7"

Great for animals up to 5" tall

To give a bit more realism, this was built with a ramp. Would be a bit tough for horses and cows to jump up in and out of the truck bed, don't you think?


Easy ramp storage on the truck and a cool toy when the ramp is done.


Includes FREE 1 Horse, one Add'l Farm Animal and 2 Hay Bales.


Item# CL11 




5" High

These horses are durable and work in all of our toys. Multiple colors, we randomly pick those we ship. These are not made in the U.S.A.


Item# CL101