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Down on the Farm
Wood Barns and Wood Farm Toys galore! Check out our Toy Tractors, Large Stockyard for Horses and even our "Mini" Barn which is an excellent starter set! If you are a parent or grandparent, you may be taking a trip down memory lane. These are toys that will get tons of enjoyment and you can hand them down from generation to generation; sturdy and well-built. Great for a horse, sheep, cow, goat, bull or any animals you can think of! These handcrafted Amish Wood Toys are made with extreme care and detail. You'll be amazed when you receive them. We are proud to represent these Amish Made Toys.
Try our big wood toy barn along with a wood tractor and hay wagon - the receiver of these gifts will remember you forever! Want a FARM PUZZLE? See our new PUZZLE Page!








Want a MINI Version?

See the next item below.


Large Farm Hip Roof Barn

27" x 17" x 18"

Has corral, feed trough, haymow, stalls and opening roof top for easy access to play with your horses, cows or any vehicles you've parked inside. Front and back double-doors, side-door and an opening in the haymow area to load hay bales directly into the top with an elevator (sold separately, but a recommended toy!). Lot of windows so the animals get daylight. Can't have them living in the dark can we?


Option to add a BUCKET SET, a WATER TANK, and 10 HAY BALES plus other Farm Toys. Make sure to check the drop-down menu!


Item# CL22 (see drop down menu for options to save)







Wooden Farm Silo 

4" wide x almost 19" high (base is 5" wide)


Created so neatly with the outside design to give it that real as life effect. Its an excellent complement to our largest barn.


Item# CL22Silo


*Weighs almost 4 lbs.


Buy it with a Barn and SAVE not only on the item...but it will ship for FREE in the Barn too! See Barn drop-down menu above.




Wood Toy Foldable Fence / Corral Fence/ Fence for Breyer Horses

6' (long) x 4"


Adorable, durable, easy to fold and unfold. This is a simple but great toy for any age child. Compact storage when folded. Natural Wood as all of the Amish Wood Toys are!


Item# CL13 Click on the Options Box for more options 




Wooden Farm Animals and MORE!


5 1/2" high x 3/4" thick, or

3 1/2" " high x 3/4" thick

Want these in puzzle cuts? We've got those too!

What a better way to play farm than with cool wooden animals! Or even Dinosaurs and Safari Animals! You can leave them as is or decorate them to make them extra cool. Fun to keep in a fence or play in the barn - these new animals are sure to please! 


The more you buy, the more you save!


Tip: if you are buying a larger Stable or Barn, the 5 1/2" fit more to size. If you want "Mom/Dad and Babies" style, then a bit of both sizes work well. If you order a smaller toy the 3 1/2" are better.


Item# see our Wood Cutouts page for pricing

see our other page for prices

There is a SPECIAL with this Toy!

Click here.


MINI Wood Toy Barn
11 1/2" long x 7" w x 9" h

Excellent for traveling - on a plane, in a car, on vacation or to the grandparents house. Great table top toy! Works great with smaller animals. This is an EXCELLENT Beginner BARN!

Item# CL66 (see drop down menu for fence options to save)




Wood Toy Tractor

10" x 5" x 6"

Wheels roll and it makes a great tractor sound...well, we count on the kids for that one. And yes, there is a section with this wood toy tractor and trucks, as its so darn cute we wanted to list in both sections.


We also have a new Tractor - see below on this page.


Item# CL17




Wood Toy Pickup Truck

13" x 6" x 5" (OVER 1 foot long!)

Just in case your "just" a Pickup fan. You can load up your hay bales and bucket and be ready to feed the animals when its time. Has a HITCH on back to haul ANY of our trailers.


Option to add 4 Hay Bales and 1 Lg Bucket for ONLY $1 more!


Item# CL21A






Wood Toy Elevator

24" long

Has adjustable belt and crank! Great to use with the barn for putting hay bales in the haymow or adjust it to load onto the hay wagon. A definite favorite among all kids!


Includes 10 HAY BALES unless you select it without.


Item# CL5




Dump Wagon

10" l x 6" w

Bed goes up (by hand) and the tailgate is removable (for making dumping more fun!). Your kids can put blocks, hay bales, or whatever their little minds can imagine in the bed. Hooks onto Tractor or Pickup.


Goes great with our Tractor or Pickup Truck.


Item# CL37



Wood Toy Hay Wagon

10" l x 6" w

Back rack is removable for easy storage. Hooks onto tractor or hay baler (see gift sets). Wheels move as you pull it - its great fun to use with our hay bales. Hooks onto Tractor or Pickup.


Please note, the two small rods on each side of the front hitching post do come out because it is interchangeable with wooden horses. If you are not going to interchange them, you may consider a little glue so your little ones can not pull them out.


Includes 20 HAY BALES unless you select it without.


Item# CL7




Hay Baler with Hitch

13" x 7" x 4"

Great to play with using hay bales. Push the bales through the front and they'll come out the other side. Hooks onto Tractor or Pickup PLUS there is a hook on the back as well for it to pull the Hay Wagon or any other toy with a tongue on the front.


Includes 10 HAY BALES.


Item# CL45



Livestock Trailer

13" x 8" x 5"

Has a hinged tailgate for loading and unloading. Hooks onto Tractor or Pickup. There are two small dowel pins that can be used to hold the gate in place, pls remove these if the child is under 3.


Option to include 2 Farm Animals for ONLY $3 more!


Item# CL4



Manure Spreader

13" x 6" x 5"

Has ground driven beaters that move by rubber band power when pushed across the floor. Hooks onto Tractor or Pickup.


No manure included with spreader. (yeah, i know - silly, but hopefully gave you a chuckle!)


Item# CL33


Transport Mixer

10" x 8" x 6"

Great to use with pinto beans! Beans are sold separately at your local grocer. Hooks onto tractor.


Item# CL43 (color of bucket may vary) 





Wooden Toy Tractor

7" long x 4 1/2" wide x 5" tall

Sturdy handmade Tractor ready for play! Drive the fields, go on a joy ride or work really hard by discing the fields or pulling the Grain Wagon below. Hitch works with OWT40 or OWT 41 Toys below.


Item# OWT39 




Wooden Toy Grain/Hauling Wagon 

9 3/4" long x 5" wide x 4 3/8" high

Hauls grain bags, hay bales, hotwheels (who says you have to haul farm stuff!), barrels and more! Pull behind the OWT39 Tractor above for a great farm set up!


Use the OWT39 Tractor drop-down menu to save when you buy a SET!


Item# OWT40




Wooden Toy Field Disc Tiller/Field Cultivator Toy
4 7/8" wide x 5 1/2" long x 1 1/4" high

Get those fields ready for planting! Pull this Tiller behind the OWT39 Tractor.


Use the OWT39 Tractor drop-down menu to save when you buy a SET!


Item# OWT41



Farm Animal Notepads

2 3/8" wide x 3 5/16" tall


Six animals to choose from while supplies last! Great for Birthday party Goodie Bags! Or a fun reward for a job well done. The little ones will be taking notes everywhere they go.


Item# Notepads